Mobile Phone Detection Cameras NSW – Whats the penalty?

Have you lost your licence due to Mobile Phone Detection Cameras NSW? The penalties are heavy, as NSW Government is cracking down on illegal mobile phone use while driving. See the summary below...


Why are they cracking down on Mobile Phone Use?

Mobile phones are intended for mobile use - but this is no longer applicable when you are driving. If you have been charged with using your device while driving, we advise you to seek legal advice to find out your options. But why is mobile use becoming a legal matter in NSW Courts? There are surveys that show roughly 30% of the public who still use their phone whilst driving. The majority claim they don't touch their phone at all. The mobile phone detection cameras now in place state-wide across NSW, will certainly be impacting on the number of people using their phone.  It is an NSW Government initiative to help reduce road fatalities and serious injuries by 30% in 2021 is the Mobile Phone Detection Camera Program. They are hoping to reduce it significantly, to zero by 2056. But what does this mean for drivers?


What is the penalty?

  • When using a mobile phone illegally, the fine starts around $300, or up to $2500 if it proceeds to court.
  • It carries a minimum of 5 demerit points, and maximum of 10 demerit points depending on the traffic area.
  • These apply to any detection of illegal mobile phone use by camera or the NSW Police.

Lost your licence? What can you do now?

You can call us on (02) 9844 5416 to discuss your options. Crawford and Duncan Lawyers are uniquely qualified with many years of experience in traffic matters. We can advise you on how to proceed and bring you the best possible result. Get the right advice, contact us today. Or reach out via our contact us page - Click here.

More information: See Transport NSW Website


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