Drugs & Related Offences

Experienced, accomplished drug offence lawyers in Sydney

By their very nature any offences involving drugs are considered very serious by the Courts. Drug offences cover a wide range of matters from self-administering a prohibited drug to possession, supply and manufacture. As you would appreciate the penalties for drug offences depending on their seriousness may range from good behaviour bonds to fines to gaol sentences. Drug offences are often so serious that they are finalised before the District Courts.

As experienced Sydney drug lawyers, Crawford & Duncan Lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the law relating to drug offences. We know what the Police are required to prove and exactly what powers they have and how they must be exercised. Many defences are available under the law in respect to these matters and we ensure that each offence charged is carefully considered and the client properly advised.

Understanding issues of search warrants, drug dogs, stopping and searching people in public and their homes is fundamental to defending people charged with drug offences. As drug lawyers, we know this area of law thoroughly and have appeared in numerous Local Court and District Court proceedings. We often appear in trials and sentencing matters for offences ranging from possession and supply to importation.

Often there is a need to obtain outside assistance from rehabilitation centres to counselling and other such forms of assistance. Having worked in this industry for so many years, we have a very large network of organisations which we can draw upon if assistance is needed.

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