Blood Alcohol Levels & Drink Driving Range in NSW

Understanding the DUI charges in NSW

Breaching of drink driving legislation NSW is the reason why many persons of prior good character come into contact with the Criminal Justice System. These offences may range from an offence involving a person being just over the legal limit compared to persons who are well over.

In NSW the legislation divides into categories depending on the reading. The offences range from Novice Range through to High Range. The blood alcohol ranges are set out below. However, it is the class of licence which will determine if a person is limited to either 0 alcohol or .02.

  • Novice Range Drink Driving – PCA reading between 0.00 – 0.19
  • Special Range Drink Driving – PCA reading between 0.20 – 0.049
  • Low Range Drink Driving – PCA reading between 0.05 – 0.079
  • Mid Range Drink Driving – PCA reading between 0.08 – 0.149
  • Mid Range Drink Driving – PCA reading of 0.15 or higher

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Each range carries with it maximum penalties and automatic and minimum periods of disqualification of licences. Depending on the range these penalties may attract a fine through to terms of imprisonment. It is very important that you obtain correct reliable advice. Especially to help you achieve the best possible outcome available. Michelle Duncan and Les Crawford appear in these matters on a daily basis.  Therefore, they are fully aware of the matters to address in ensuring proper representation of these matters.

What are the penalties?

The Police regularly patrol the roads to deter and detect dangerous driving. The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are heavy. Subsequently, these penalties are meant to stop repeat behaviours and encourage safe driving. Apart from the hefty fines and on-the-spot licence suspensions for drivers, the penalties applied based on the outcome of the Local Court proceedings. Specifically, the blood alcohol level that states which drink driving range they were at the time of the charges. Coupled with other circumstances surrounding the incident, such as speeding, negligence, harm to other property or worse injury or death to other people.

Speak to the experienced Traffic Law experts at Crawford and Duncan lawyers with 70 years of experience. As former police prosecutors, and as such, we know the law. The circumstances and facts surrounding the incident potentially reduce the penalty. Talk to Crawford and Duncan Lawyers today to discuss the nature of your charges and furthermore, to find out if there are any such circumstances.

If you are curious about the variations of penalties that match the different blood alcohol levels, click here. Incidentally, the heavier fines are imposed on more serious offences, generally for repeat offenders and those who read in the mid to high-level ranges. Penalties vary based on the circumstances of the charges. Lastly, loss of licence, and at a minimum, there is a loss Licence demerit points that would happen to NSW licence holders. Call us to find out how you can reach the best result possible with Crawford and Duncan Lawyers.


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