Facing Domestic Violence Charges?

What is a Domestic Offence?

Domestic violence is a severe actionable offence within Australia impacting Australian families and the community. In NSW, domestic violence heavily reported how complex domestic crimes could be, leading to under-reporting. Most likely due to a misunderstanding of a crime and the lengthy legal process for conviction. When a defendant is charged with domestic violence charges, contact a Criminal Lawyer at Crawford & Duncan Laywers as soon as possible. Some of the offences in this ctaegory are as follows:

  • Sexual assault
  • Intimidation, stalking and harassment
  • Breach Apprehended Violence Order
  • Domestic violence-related assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent assault, an act of indecency and other sexual offences
  • Intimidation, stalking and harassment
  • Malicious damage to property
  • Breach Apprehended Violence Order
  • Physical assault or attempted assault
  • Stalking, intimating or harassment
  • Destruction or damage their property (or threaten to do this)
  • Unwanted sex or sexual acts
  • Verbal threats
  • Breach of ADVOs (Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders) they have against you

To be convicted of a ‘domestic violence offence’, you must have acted in the offence to the person or persons you have a ‘domestic relationship’ with. It is wise to be aware of the weight and depth of the penalties surrounding these charges. Speak to a Criminal Lawyer about your Domestic Violence Charges today at Crawford & Duncan Lawyers today.

Charged with Domestic Violence, What To Do Next?

If the police charge you with a domestic violence offence, you will need to contact us and gain legal advice and representation as soon as possible. Subsequently, we will represent you with the appropriate support during this process. 

 If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you within the Sydney region, contact Crawford and Ducan via email or call our 24-hour phone number (02) 9844 5416. 

Get the right advice from one of our Criminal Lawyers experienced in domestic violence offences at our Parramatta firm to provide you with professional legal representation and advice.

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