Driver Licence Disqualification Reforms – 31st October 2017

The penalties for driver licence disqualification are changing.

The need for the reform is due to an increase in unauthorised driving in New South Wales.

What does the reform mean for disqualified drivers?

Giving certain drivers who have complied with their disqualification period for at least 2 years the opportunity to apply to a local court to have their disqualification lifted early. 

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Following legislative changes, disqualified drivers will be able to apply to the Local Court to have their disqualification lifted early if they have been offence-free for at least 2 or 4 years, depending on their case.

To protect community safety, no disqualified driver ever convicted of driving offences involving death or grievous bodily harm will be eligible to have their disqualification period lifted early.

Drivers who have had their disqualifications lifted will still need to apply to Roads and Maritime or Service NSW, and complete standard road safety and knowledge tests to get their licence returned.

The Reforms Take Place from 31st of October 2017


More information:  Roads & Maritime Website   |  NSW Justice Website  | NSW Government Media Release on Driver Licence Reforms


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