Traffic Offences

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It is not until you find yourself in a position where your licence privileges are about to be removed, that you realise just how important having a licence is to you. At Crawford & Duncan Lawyers, we understand what your licence means to you. We have extensive experience in supporting clients through driving licence appeals in Sydney, and we can help you too.

Traffic law in NSW is an area of law in which penalties are becoming heavier, disqualification periods longer and gaol terms a real possibility. Predominantly people need advice and representation for offences such as drink/drug driving, speeding, manners dangerous, driving dangerously or at a speed or manner occasioning grievous bodily harm or death. The Police must comply with legal requirements when prosecuting people for traffic offences. For example, there are time limitations in respect to being required to submit to a breath test and breath analysis. It is our in-depth knowledge of this area of the law gained from a combined experience of in excess of 50 years as traffic lawyers that we can assist you with licence appeals and defending charges.

What do you do when you have a car accident? What obligations do you have to speak to the police?

As highly accomplished traffic lawyers in Sydney, Crawford & Duncan Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to navigate you through this area of law and achieve the best possible result. Our skills cover all areas, from defending allegations before the Courts by way of contested hearings, to preparing pleas of guilty and appeals to the District Court if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your proceedings before the Local Court.